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Here's how it works. If after talking with us by phone and considering adopting a Golden, we would invite you to our farm to meet both parents and our family. A visit isn't required, but encouraged.  Should you make a decision to adopt, we ask for a $200 deposit to add your family's name to our waiting list. We keep a boy list and a girl list. Receipt of  your deposit determines the order in which your family would select your puppy. We encourage families to visit the puppies once they are two weeks of age or older. Some families make a few visits.  We welcome your family to share in the fun of playing with a litter of Goldens and watching them grow! We ask families to begin the puppy selection process when the puppies are around six weeks of age. Puppies go to their forever homes at eight weeks. Should you change your mind on adoption, we would make a full refund of your deposit up until the puppy is six weeks of age.

Louie Kelly & Winston 5.20.19.jpg

   Louie 2019 Litter

  (Kelly & Winston)






North - as     adult  

Winnie Kelly & Winston 5.20.19.jpg

        Winnie 2019 Litter

       (Kelly & Winston)

King Louis.JPG
Sofie Shay & Winston 11.30.19.jpg

      Sofie 2019 Litter



   Willow 2020 
  (Shay & Winston)

King Louie 2019 Litter
    Kelly & Winston


LuLu Shay & Winston (2) 11.30.19.jpg

      LuLu 2019


elwood & sister.JPG

Elwood (Shay & Winston 2021) and his big sister, Sona (Finley & Winston 2019)

kirby 2.jpg



    Winnie 2020
(Shay & Winston)


Lucia at one year.
Shay & Winston

Gigi & Winston

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